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  • High Holiday Services with Chabad Warm, inviting, and inspirational High Holiday Services free of charge.Read More
  • Shofar Factory & Craft PartySunday, 9/21, 11:00 am -12:30 pmRead More
  • Rosh Hashana ClassTHE OTHER SIDE OF SIN: How to Make the Most of Our Mistakes Sunday, September 21st, 8PMRead More
  • Jewish Art CalendarsThe Jewish Art Calendars are available for free, thanks to our advertisers. Read More
  • Hebrew SchoolChabad Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating environment, where children can embrace their Jewish roots and gain a true sense of Jewish pride.Read More
  • SOLD OUT! -- Rosh Hashana Community DinnerJoin us for an uplifting and delicious Rosh Hashana Community Dinner. Wed, 9/24 7:30pm Read More
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First, there are agonizing hours of wavering and uncertainty. Then comes a sudden, almost breathtaking shift in perspective...
Adults are hit-and-miss: they might be inspired for a while, but their excitement often dissipates just as quickly. When a...
The week before Rosh Hashanah we recite the Selichot, a series of penitential prayers and liturgy, in the early morning
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Musings and Schmoozings : posted on Sep 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

In honor of a dear friend Erez A. --a devotee to Judaism and…Golf.

It was the morning of Yom Kippur and Harold should have been in...

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