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Past Classes

Past Classes

A Weekly Journey into the Weekly Torah Portion

A Five-Part Course on Jewish Business Ethics and Values
What does Judaism say about Free Trade?

What does it say about the "Gobal Economy?

How about Capitalism vs. Socialism?

Find answers in this new and exciting course offered by Torah Studies & Chabad of Sunnyvale
A 10 Week Series of Individual Classes on the Book of Shmot
A "Torah Studies by JLI" Weekly Class on the Torah Portion

A Journey into the soul of the weekly Torah Portion.
A Nine-Part Course on Torah View of Nature
Is Torah Green?

Environmental Consciousness may go back farther than you think!

New Torah Studies Course Starts May 12th. Wednesdays at 8 pm.
Torah Studies -- Weekly Class on the Parsha
Come on for a weekly journey into the soul of the Parsha, the weekly Torah portion.

Using classical as well as kabbalistic texts, we'll analyze the parsha and hopefully walk away inspired spiritually as well as enriched intellectually.
A Weekly Torah Class with Real Life Lessons
An 11-week series of indivudual class on the Book of Exodus.

Each class has a distinct 'take-away' meaningful life-lesson.

A Torah Perspective on the Gun Control Debate
Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, a renowed scholar will present a Torah perspective on the debate that is stirring America today.

Sunday, February 10th, 7:00pm
SPHDS, 1030 Astoria Drive, Sunnyvale
An Evening with Rabbi Leibel Wolf
Rabbi Leibel Wolf Presents:
The Seven Habits of Destressed People

How to eliminate worry and anxiety from your life through mindful
living and re-programming
the brain.

Saturday Evening, 8pm
Chabad of Sunnyvale