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About Us


Our Goal

When I was 8 years old, living in West Hartford, CT the local day school that I attended visited the local Chabad Center for a Model Matza Bakery Experience. Walking down the rickety stairs in basement, we were preseted with a life altering experience -- at least for me. What we saw, smelled, touched, and experienced that day was authentic tradition in every way.

Even as a young impressionable little child, the experiences of that day still fuel the excitement and enthusiam that I now I carry in my adult observances of the Passover Holiday.

This was goal in developing the Living Legacy Program Education Workshops. With each program, we strive to deliver to your students, the same lasting experience.

An Exclamation Point


As Jewish educators, we are always looking for ways to excite and connect our students with the stories and traditions that are make up their rich heritage. Teaching the subject is itself a challenge, -- to animate the subject material in a way that will illuminate their Jewish experience for the rest of their lives ... is a far greater one.

I would like to invite you to join over 30 Bay Area institutions who use the Living Legacy Workshops as a resource to buttress their Judaic ciriculum.



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