Thursday, 31 July, 2014 - 12:35 pm

"They run and we run. We run towards the World of Eternity and they run towards the endless abyss" -- Liturgy, Siyum Ceremony

Never have I been more proud of being Jewish, never have I felt closer to my fellow Jews, and never have I been more hopeful about the future of our great people.

The above quotation expresses our gratitude to G-d for endowing us with the Torah's gift of Purpose. In moments of darkness like today -- I can deeply understand how unique we truly are, and how grateful we must be, for a Torah enlightened identity. 

Consider this: A Holocaust denying people have the Chutzpa to accuse us of perpetrating a Holocaust!

Hamas, an offshoot of the fanatical Islamic Brotherhood, which was itself inspired by perhaps Hilter's (ym"sh) greatest fan, calls US "worse than Hitler"--MADNESS! Even more maddening is for the most part -- the world is silent. 

But in this there is hope. We look around us, and we see what makes us unique. The sharp contrast between US and THEM--is clear to us. 

Today we may feel lonely and frustrated that NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. Yet, we are empowered with the knowledge that we are a special people.

This Tuesday we celebrate Tisha B'av. The Talmud states that on the day of Tisha B'av--the darkest day in Jewish History--the [hope of the] Messiah was born. On the darkest of days, humanity's hope was born. 

Looking around, it sure is dark. Let us pray that this year, the salvation will be fully realized.


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