Matza Factory Workshop
Bringing Passover Traditions to Life...

As Jewish educators, we are constantly looking for ways to excite and connect our students with the stories and traditions that make up their rich heritage. Teaching the subject is itself a challenge — to animate the subject in a way that will illuminate their Jewish experience for the rest of their lives ... is a far greater one.

I would like to invite you to join over 30 Bay Area institutions that use the Living Legacy Program’s Workshops as a resource to buttress their Judaic curriculum.

We are now offering our popular Matza Factory Workshop for the upcoming Passover Season. The program focuses on the process of making Matza, presenting all the steps from threshing and winnowing, all the way through the baking of the Matzot.

With its tactile Hands-on segments, its educational value, and the 'excitement factor' that the program adds to your school — the Matza Factory Workshop is a perfect 'exclamation point' added to your Passover curriculum.

Feel free to give me a call, and I'll be happy to review the program with you. You can reach me at 408.720.0553 or by responding to this e-mail.

You can schedule a program online at www.thelivinglegacy.info, or over the phone.

  I look forward to working together with you.

Rabbi Yisroel Hecht

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Program Overview

Introduction - Interactive multimedia review of Passover Story and the concepts behind Matza.

Hands-on - The Student will thresh wheat, then winnow and mill flour. They will roll the hand-made matzot.

Presentation:  The presenter will guide the students through a 'Model Matza Factory' demonstrating the kneading and baking of the Matzot.



  Program Details:

  • 60 minute Presentation
  • 50 Children per presentation Max.
  • Appropriate for Pre-school - High School
  • Cost: $300 for initial presentation; $100 each additional presentation
    Additional Travel Fees May Apply
  • Flexible program can be be used as a workshop or as a family education event.

Contact us at 408.720.0553 or via e-mail thelivinglegacy@sbcglobal.net









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