Meet Rabbi Yisroel and Miriam

Rebbetzin.jpgMiriam (nee Lent), a native of Manchester, England, was educated at the Beth Chaya Mushkah Seminary in Montreal, Canada where she also trained as a teacher. She continued her studies at Beth Rivka Seminary in New York, before returning to England where she taught and developed curriculum for Beth Menachem in Manchester. Since moving to Palo Alto in 2001, Miriam has been very active in the community, co-directing the Camp Gan Israel Summer Program and Chabad Hebrew School. Amongst many talents, Miriam is a gifted organizer and is the  Program Director for Chabad of Sunnyvale. The community and youth events which Chabad of Sunnyvale has been become famous for, are a product of Miriam's creativity and dedication. 

Rabbi for website.jpgRabbi Yisroel, a native of Burlington VT, is a forth-generation Chabad Rabbi. Yisroel studied at the Rabbinical College of America, in Morristown, NJ,   and received his Rabbinical ordination at Yeshiva College in Sydney, Australia in 1998. Prior to moving to Sunnyvale in 2003, Yisroel was the Youth Director for Chabad of Greater South Bay in Palo Alto. Known for his warm and friendly demeanor, Rabbi Yisroel is an accomplished educator having developed the Living Legacy Program (see press here)  and Chabad Hebrew School. Rabbi Hecht took over the Director position of Camp Gan Israel in 2001, and under his guidance, the camp has flourished with over 1,000 unique children having benefited from the program. 

Yisroel and Miriam live in Sunnyvale with their six children ka"h