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Bar Mitzva Discovery Course
For 7th & 8th Grade Boys

Do you want to your child to CELEBRATE his Bar Mitzva?

The BMD Course, in a relaxed and fun setting, presents Bar Mitzva from historical, traditional, and contemporary perspectives. The Jewish customs that relate to this momentous occasion take on a beautiful meaning, and the students will learn life-lessons and values that are core to Jewish teachings. Students will learn how to put on Tfillin and a Talit, and learn about the beautiful significance of Jewish Life.

The course covers all 'global' aspects of the Bar Mitzva. Training for the actual Bar Mitzva Day Torah readings is available through Chabad for additional cost. Contact the office for more information. This course is designed to benefit students regardless of where they will celebrate their Bar Mitzva.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who wish to celebrate their Bar Mitzva celebration at Chabad of Sunnyvale or would like their son tutored for his Bar Mitzva with Chabad of Sunnyvale, this course is a requirement.

Program Dates:

    2/7, 2/14, 2/28
    3/7, 3/14, 3/28, 4/4


Instructor: Rabbi Yisroel Hecht
Tuition: $165
(includes one free private Bar Mitzva Lesson, supplies/book fee)
Registration: Click Here to register
Information: 408.720.0553 or rabbi@chabadsunnyvale.com