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Have you purchased a car or are you thinking of purchasing a new vehicle?

Do you have an unused vehicle that is sitting in your driveway because dealing with DMV or selling it doesn't seem worth the bother?

Donate your used vehicle to support Chabad of Sunnyvale's ongoing activities.

We accept all cars, vans, and most other vehicles—running or not. Chabad's 'no-hassle' car-donation program will pick the car up the same day or next, and will take care of all the details for you. 

You will get a valuable tax-deduction for your efforts (contact your tax expert to confirm), and Chabad will either use the vehicle for the organizations needs, or turn it into much needed funds to support Chabad's social, educational, and spiritual services to the community.

But perhaps even more valuable than a tax'll be on the receiving-end of a CAR MITZVA!!!!

To set-up a car donation or to inquire about it, complete the form here: CAR MITZVA FORM