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The Chai Giving Circle  

The economic downturn of 2008-2009 still has its effects. While the stock market is at record highs, people have changed how they spend their money.  

At Chabad of Sunnyvale, the challenges of the downturn were met by founding the Chai Giving Circle—a club of monthly donors to Chabad, who, in modest amounts,  merge together to form a solid support base for Chabad. The success of the program has had a huge impact. 

However, we need your help to further secure Chabad and ensure its growth and stability. 

The Chai Giving Circle will help us continue and grow the programs and services that we offer. We are asking you to contribute in units of $18 monthly,  on a credit card or Auto Bill payment. The realization of our goal - 500 monthly Chai Units – will enable us to continue doing what we do best - working 24/7 towards a vibrant Jewish tomorrow.

We need your help! How many Chais ($18) can we count on you for?